Parts of Good SEO Training

Parts of Good SEO Training

If you want to be successful in Internet marketing, the first thing you need is proper SEO training. However, it is important to know what every good training must include. The first step is to learn more about directory submission services, and how choosing the proper categorization will increase the visibility of a website. After that should come a part about back links building, since it is very important to learn how other websites can point to your personal site.

In the end comes a part about on-page optimization, which includes

  • keyword analysis,
  • website styles,
  • meta description,
  • meta title
  • meta keywords
  • meta robots.txt
  • Geo tag
  • appropriate image provisions,
  • In bound and Out Bound Link Optimizations,
  • Proper Usage of H1 – h4 Tag
  • Highlighting Keywords and Other Important terms

and many other things.
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